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Why x-ray film has to be recycled? - This article was added on 8/23/2011 by administrator.

Why x-ray film has to be recycled?

Just for general information, x-ray film contains silver and its made out of plastic, this both materials are valuable which makes x-ray film recycling a profitable business, so this would be the first reason why x-rays should be recycled.

Silver is a rare earth raw materials which exists in very limited amount and is necessary for usage in many important fields including medical, due to the high amounts of the silver which exists in the x-rays, failure to recycle these will create a shortage of silver in the markets which will make silver prices to climb higher and might affect our medical costs, this sounds very far but as known every action creates an action that does effect even by a single person, as we know that every word has an affect, therefore it is common sense that person's action has certain effect whether if it is small or large the effect is done, so even if 1 x-ray film is recycled vs not recycled it does effect the amount of silver in the market which was recovered from the x-ray film vs the amount of silver in the trash.

As the silver is 99% plastic which we all know that plastic is oil and today's oil market prices rock, therefore it will be another mistake not to recycle the x-ray film properly.

Failure to dispose of x-ray film properly means that the x-ray might go to a landfill and while its there it might pollute drinking water by slowly but surly leaking into earth, do you want to drink silver?

Bottom line is that x-ray films better of disposed of properly and recycled both for the silver, the plastic for its value and for the sake of our earth.

If you have outdated x-ray films which you would like to have recycled please fill out this form and one of us will get back to you with a quote for recycling x-ray film.

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