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What we recycle

We recycle the following computer related equipment:

  • Whole computer towers - all kinds of completed computer towers with hard drive and memory or uncompleted.
  • Whole servers - all types of completed servers with hard drives and memory modules or uncompleted.
  • Laptop computers -  all kinds and brands of laptop notebooks computers, with or without LCD screens, battery, hard drives, memory or other inner parts.
  • Hard drives of all kinds and brands out of PC / Servers / Laptops / Cell phones / Ipads, we recycle hard drives in any condition broken, smashed etc.. we also do hard drives destruction.
  • Printed circuit boards  - all kinds of boards such as motherboards and daughter boards such as LAN cards, sound cards, modems, ISA, PCI old boards out of PC / Servers / Notebooks / laptops etc..
  • Memory modules - All kinds of memory modules out of PC / Servers / Notebooks / Laptops etc.. in any condition.
  • CPU's - all kinds of CPU's, plastic, fiber or ceramic out of PC / Servers / Notebooks / Laptops / Ipad's etc. in any condition.
  • Drives - all kinds of drives such as CD / DVD / DVR-W, burners and rewriters out of PC / Servers / Notebooks / Laptops / Ipad's etc.. in any condition.
  • Diskette drives - all kinds such as floppy / disk / tape / zip drives out of PC / Servers / Notebooks / Laptops / Ipad's etc in any condition.
  • Power supplies - all kinds of internal or external power supplies out  or related to PC / Servers / Notebooks / Laptops / Ipad's etc.
  • We are also buying scrap x-ray film for recycling of all types and shapes, all radiation type films.

What we do not buy:

  • We do not buy or take CRT (cathode ray tube monitors) or TV's
  • we do not buy boards out of cathode ray tube monitors or TV's, we might take it for recycling but we do not pay for it.
  • We do not buy scrap printers and copiers.

If you have any computer related parts you would like to dispose of, please fill out this form and we will contact you shortly.

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